Andreas Ivan Fitting Right in With the Red Bulls

With another practice under his belt, Andreas Ivan seems to be fitting right in with his new Red Bull teammates. 

After Thursday's training, Tyler Adams spoke about Ivan, and how judging by what he's seen thus far, Ivan could have a significant impact for the Red Bulls during the second half of the season.  

"Andy has shown really well in training, so it will be interesting to get him going and getting repetitions in games now because I think he can be an important player down the stretch," Adams said. "He adds to our depth, and if he ends up becoming a starter or however that fits into our squad then he’ll make a difference for sure."

In Wednesday's media session, Ivan described himself as "very technical," fast and "loves to score." Captain Luis Robles has noticed himself how dynamic Ivan is when attacking, even if the sample size is small.

"We haven’t necessarily seen what Andreas brings to the field," Robles said. "But in the limited amount that we have seen on the field, he’s a talented player, he’s very dynamic in the way he attacks, he can take guys one-on-one." 

Head Coach Chris Armas mentioned after Wednesday's training that Ivan would be an option moving forward off the bench, and possibly get a start. With the injuries suffered by Vincent Bezecourt, Florian Valot and Kyle Duncan, with the latter of the two out for the year, Robles believes adding Ivan to the team will be a positive for the Red Bulls depth. 

"When you talk about the depth and talent on this roster of course, it’s because that depth that we’re still chugging along because we’ve lost very important," Robles said. "We lost Vince, we lost Kyle, we’ve lost Flo, you know every team deals with injuries, but for us to continue the way we have is great, and to have a player like Andy is great and I’m sure he’ll have a very positive approach on the field for us." 

Part of Ivan's transition will be to buy into the Red Bull system, and understanding how every player on the field plays a role in the teams' success. 

"You know I think he’s done a good job with it so far of buying in," Tim Parker said. "That’s kind of the only thing you can do here is just buy into the system and kind of forget what you knew, and completely buy into the tactics and obviously, you’re going to have your time to be your own player and do your own things, but I think buying into the team tactics is important because we function as an eleven."