growth usl 8.9.18
Matthew Levine/New York Red Bulls II

Wolyniec: ‘Looking For Growth’ In Upcoming Louisville Match

Some of NYRB II’s best matches have come against Louisville City FC. Friday’s match at MSU Soccer Park will feature a rematch of the past two USL Cup Playoff Champions and Wolyniec and his side expect a ‘difficult game’ when Louisville come to visit.

“Obviously we know Louisville is a good team, Wolyniec said. “We’ve had a lot of good games with them over the last few years, so obviously we expect that. I expect our guys to be up for the challenge because it’s going to be a difficult game.”

Holding a 9-2-1 record at home in 2018, while sitting just one point behind Louisville in the conference standings, Friday looms large for a side looking to creep into the top four.

“We’re putting quite a bit of importance on it with how close we are with Louisville in the standings. And then obviously the game we had there was a little disappointing for us, so hopefully we can put a good effort out there and get a lot out of what’s going to be a good game.”

With Louisville in between coaches, Wolyniec is more concerned with his side’s way of going about their business compared to the tactical shifts and changes The Boys in Purple may have in store.

“Hard to tell, Wolyniec said. “Not always easy from the outside looking in. Certainly, seen some little changes, but still looks a lot like the same team, a lot of the same players, certainly not any big changes…, but as usual we’re a bit more concerned about ourselves and how we play and go about our business.”

As NYRB II hit the final third portion of the season, growth and confidence are two components that Wolyniec would like to see starting Friday.

“Most importantly at this point in the season we’re just looking for growth,” Wolyniec said. “Making sure that our guys are growing more confident and showing more in games, building momentum towards the end of the season. That’s the biggest thing.”