Ben Solomon

Red Bulls Disappointed in Draw, Will Take Learnings from Match

The New York Red Bulls will take their point, learn from the match and move forward to the final stretch of the regular season.

The Red Bulls and New York City FC played to a 1-1 draw on Wednesday night, with the blue side picking up two red cards during the match. The Red Bulls players spoke about frustration in not being able to come home with three points, but knowing this match can serve as a learning experience for the club.

Head Coach Chris Armas said the Red Bulls should have put the game on their terms more in the second half, but they will come away with points in every game of their three-game road trip.

"One point on the road, tough place to play, a Derby match, which they're always interesting," Armas said. "And then there's the other side: we're up two guys and couldn't get the game winner, so there will be some initial frustration, but [it will be] short-lived and on to the next one Sunday."

Goal scorer Bradley Wright-Phillips was more blunt in his analysis.

"Was not good enough," Wright-Phillips said.

Captain Luis Robles said that result was tough to swallow for New York.

"I think that’s part of the frustration," Robles said. "When it was 11-vs-11, we were the better team. We put them off the pitch. Yet they go down a man and I don’t know if it was complacency, I don’t know if it was anxiety, I don’t know what it was but I definitely did not make matters any easier when I give up a goal like that. I hold myself to a high standard. If I make that save, it’s a different story."

Armas and players all addressed the anxiousness to score and put the game away in the second half, which led to the team working the flanks too often to try and push the ball down the field.

"To go down to nine men, and for us not to find the winner is disappointing for sure," Davis said. "But there are lessons to take from this game and in the long run it'll be worthwhile for us."

New York won't have long to dwell on the draw, as they're back in action on Sunday at Red Bull Arena against D.C. United as Heineken Rivalry Week continues to the Atlantic Cup rivalry.

"It does feel like a letdown," Robles said of the point. "With this, I feel like we have a great opportunity to learn, to improve and continue to push forward. We have to keep making progress."



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