USL Postgame Reaction: Allen Yanes | 8/31/18

New York Red Bulls II defender Allen Yanes

Q. On the call up to the Guatemalan National Team and on the 1-0 win against Ottawa…

ALLEN YANES: Yeah, thanks to God I get called up to the National Team for these two games. It’s very exciting for anyone. Everyone wants to represent their country, and I hope to do it in the best way and return with those games as experience and keep on adding to the team. On the game, I think we had a very good game. For the first part, I think we had various goal opportunities that we couldn’t take advantage of and that’s a little difficult for us because we ended the game up a man and didn’t know how to take advantage of that, but the important thing is that we won and added three important points in this phase of the tournament.

Q. On how the international call-ups help Yanes evolve as a player…

ALLEN YANES: Yeah, more than anything like you said, both team have players of high level that play in the best leagues in the world and well, I just want to give my best effort and learn what I can from them and our National Team.

Q. On getting more minutes and on progress since joining NYRB II

ALLEN YANES: Yeah, I feel I’ve been adapting in the best way thanks to my coaches and teammates. I think it’s going well for me, in the games and training sessions, and I hope to keep on adding minutes and adding to the team every time I can.

Q.  On what the team needs to do to keep having more clean sheets…

ALLEN YANES: More than anything play the way we play–the system of the Red Bulls. We know that our game is to attack a lot, but we also have to be well organized. I think that will be key in these last games of the season, to be organized and know that with one goal we can win games and defending our goal because in any minute we can score a goal