USL Postgame Reaction: John Wolyniec | 9/13/18

On His Team’s Performance:

“Yeah obviously we’re disappointed, another tie that feels like a loss.we just didn't bring the urgency. I tried to warn our team that this is time of game you have to bring your own tempo and urgency to the game and we didn't quite do that. Even though our start was ok and get up a goal i feel like i’ve said this a lot over the year but we took our foot off the gas. We showed some fight to get back in the game a couple times but clearly we let one get away from us and we missed an opportunity to get some points but more importantly to put a lot into the game and be on top of the details and be sure we carried the game and we didn’t do that.

On Having Several First Team Guys in the Lineup:

“Yeah obviously Abang gets his first goal so that's great. Andy does a good job on his goal. The three guys up top i tried to make things simple on them and be as direct as possible. Thye obviously showed an ability to connect and make plays together and certainly created chances like were used to. A little broken in the press but not something we haven't dealt with before so credit to those guys in aiding us in the attack.”

On The Lack of Road Wins:

“We’re gonna need points somewhere. Clearly it’s a disappointment that we haven't gotten a win on the road but it's a good challenge. We got four games on the road against four good teams that are around the playoffs. We’re gonna have to really throw ourselves into games and really try to take points from somebody. Great challenge for us, that what we have this team for, put young guys into tough games and hopefully they come out better in the end. The challenge has been raised up and i’m excited about that. Hopefully we get to see some special things out of our guys.”

On What You Can Draw From on Last Years Run:

“Yeah pretty similar. I don't remember when we got our first win on the road last year but it was near the end of the season. So in that way similar. This year i think our performance is better but we’ve been a bit unlucky and let some slip. But in a lot of ways you can draw some parallels to last year and no better time for our team to make a turn and to try and move to the end of the season. Looks like we’re going to have to be on the road for the playoffs so its good to have some dress rehearsals.”