New York Red Bulls Play 'American' Football in Training

"I'm just here so I don't get fined."

Bradley Wright-Phillips has his American Football interview replies down pat.

On Friday, the New York Red Bulls ditched the pitch and instead took to the gridiron, trading the soccer ball for some pigskin. 

"We don’t often get some time to rest, and we kind of switched it up a little bit today and it was nice to kind of let loose," Connor Lade said after the game. "Throw a couple touchdowns, throw a couple picks. It was fun."

The grey team jumped out to an early lead, pink rallied back for a win, scoring 28-unanswered points and eventually holding on for the victory.

Bradley Wright-Phillips put in a stellar performance, picking off Lade twice, including a jumping grab in the center of the field near the end of the fourth quarter.

"American football, tremendous game," Wright-Phillips said after the game, after a few instances where he was just-here-to-not-get-fined. "First time I’ve played, we got the W."

Before the game kicked off, Wright-Phillips was adamant he could score a touchdown in the NFL, if given the chance. Afterward, his tune changed.

"I want to admit on camera, I couldn’t catch an NFL touchdown," Wright-Phillips said. "It’s crazy, it’s so hard to catch that ball."

Speaking as guys who make their living moving the ball with their feet, maybe kicking might be the better avenue to break into the New York Giants or New York Jets roster.

"Punting," Lade said. "I had a couple punts before, I think that’s going to be my calling, I've got some spiral."

BWP was more confident.

"If you need me for interceptions, any team in New York, I’m available," Wright-Phillips said. "It’s my thing."

Lade laughed at the Englishman's suggestion.

"Strictly an interception guy," Lade said. "That’s a position?"

It's a new one, Wright-Phillips said.

The Red Bulls return to training with a soccer ball on Monday, having a rare weekend off due to the FIFA international break, before they're back in action against the Philadelphia Union on Sunday, October 21 at 3 p.m.

American Football at Training by New York Red Bulls on Exposure