USL Postgame Reaction: John Wolyniec | 10/14/18

New York Red Bulls II head coach John Wolyniec

What did you think about your players performance and how can you guys take this into next week vs Charleston…

“Yeah, as a coach you always want to see your team peak at the right time. No time like the last three games to get some wins, especially with two of them being on the road. It sets us up well, gives us a lot of confidence going into the playoffs, and we should feel really good about ourselves. But obviously there’s a lot of hard work to be done and hopefully the momentum and the confidence that we’ve built over the last few weeks pays off with some wins.”

You had to rely on almost the entire roster to squeak out these results, what does that say about the team and what helped push them into high gear to finish off the season…

“As far as what helped them, I’m not sure. I mean, I think some of it just takes time to get a group together, our group is almost always pretty new. We don’t always have a lot of guys that have been together for a long time, so it just takes time. Whether it be first year guys adjusting to the professional game, new players through our club adjusting to the style, us getting fit and able to put ninety minutes in the way we play is not easy, so it takes time. So, it’s not always easy to put your finger on it, but I think hopefully there’s a natural progression to the season and I think that’s part of it. Early on, that question’s been asked a couple times, and I’ve always said we feel really good about the group. We feel like this is one of our deepest teams if not the deepest team and every time I make changes, guys step up and do a good job. Credit to the team from top to bottom because they’ve all really contributed in a really good way.”

Do you feel in some ways this mirrors last season…?

“Yeah, it’s funny, I think I said it tonight. I didn’t feel like this team mirrored last year’s team, but in some ways the season kind of did. I think we were a little better early this year, but we finished strong last year and then obviously went on a pretty good run on the road in the playoffs. I’m hoping we can make a run like that and then maybe even better it. You have to be really proud about how we finished up the season in a really good way and put a nice exclamation point on the season.”

Can you talk a little bit about the crowd, record number, etc.…?

“I feel like last year our last home game was the best crowd, too, so maybe there’s a little bit of momentum to the crowd as well. But it was awesome, it was a great feeling and the fans have done well to create an atmosphere here and the whole idea behind building this facility was to put a facility that was NYRB II’s and that we could create a feeling to add to the game. If we’re going to put so many resources into a team to try and build professionals that can play at the highest level, then you got to make it feel as close to that as possible. So, whether it’s the opponent, the way you address the game, the way you prepare for the game, or the feeling at the game – all those things matter. For us to be able to play in front of a good crowd is important. I’m glad we were able to do that tonight and I’m sure we’ll be able to do it more in the future.”

You had a crazy match at Charleston last time out, is there anything that points in your favor against them…

“They’re a hard team. They’re always a difficult team to play against. We’ve had some success against them, but I’m sure in some ways I’m sure that motivates them. I don’t think we cared too much about who our opponent was going to be, but now that we know, we’re going to do our best to go after them in a good way. We know it’s an important game for us and we’ll continue to push and hopefully… again like I said before we finished off in a good way, so I suspect there’s a bit of momentum in our group and the confidence as well.”

What do you have to say about Levene’s leadership skills…

“Yeah, it kind of goes to what I said before. I’ve gained a lot of confidence in all these guys, and in a big game we were still willing to make some changes and maybe rest a couple guys but still put a strong group out because we still wanted to win and there was something to be gained from winning. Scott stepped up when he needed to play and there’s a lot of faith there. I wouldn’t say it was an easy decision, but he certainly made it easy because he’s performed in the past and the job as a second goalkeeper is not easy and Scott’s done really well with it, so I wasn’t surprised that he had a good game tonight. And he made a few big saves for us, so I’m not surprised.”