Wolyniec: ‘Every Team is Vulnerable’

NYRB II enter Saturday’s USL Eastern Conference Semifinal away from home as the underdog against overall #1 seed FC Cincinnati.

It’s a role that’s quite familiar to John Wolyniec’s side:

“Obviously a big challenge,” Wolyniec said. “Cincinnati has pretty much been the best team all year, top of the table for a long time. A tough place to play with the crowd, and they play well at home.”

Last year’s run to the Eastern Conference final as the seven seed serves as a blueprint for repeat success.

“We did a good job especially last year playing the underdog role,” Wolyniec said. “But they are difficult, they got a lot of players to deal with, but we feel that we have come together at a good time and sometimes timing is everything.”

Cincinnati has consistently boasted the top attendance marks in USL throughout their time in the league and with Saturday being the final matchup between the two sides before Cincinnati heads to MLS, the squad will not shy away from the bright lights in front of a big crowd.

“Every team is vulnerable,” Wolyniec said. “But they have a lot to deal with like their attackers and the way that they defend and how they score a lot of goals, but it certainly will be a huge challenge for us, but that’s what is exciting about it and what we spend the whole year working to play in big games in great environment in front of big crowds, so hopefully we are ready for the challenge.”