Red Bulls Confident Going Into Leg 2 Against Columbus

The New York Red Bulls return home for the second leg against Columbus Crew SC, needing a win in order to advance in the MLS Cup Playoffs.

Even though the club didn’t get the result they sought after in Columbus, Head Coach Chris Armas is still confident, being that the team will be back at Red Bull Arena, where they’ve won 14 times during the regular season.

“The dialogue within the team is that going into the game we are really confident, because at home over the 21 games we have played with Open Cup and Champions League, it is a really good winning record at home,” Head Coach Chris Armas said. “The guys have a lot of confidence, we could see that today.”

Defender Tim Parker, who almost scored a goal against Columbus, but was denied by the post, also talked about the confidence the team has going back home, where they’ve had so much success.

“Some people might look at it as a bad result to lose the first game on the road, but all in all it is not that bad of a result, especially with how strong we are at home, it is not a bad result to go down 1-0 and have the game put on our terms at home now,” Tim Parker said.

After allowing a goal in Columbus, preventing Columbus from scoring a goal at Red Bull Arena will be crucial in the Red Bulls quest of advancing to the next round.

“You don’t want to give up that away goal,” Parker said. “For us, we never really want to give up goals anyway, it is just a mindset of coming in doing all the right things we need to do at home to make sure we get the positive result.”

Parker also mentioned how the entire team spoke about what needs to be done come Sunday and how everyone is mentally in a good place.

“It’s good,” Parker said. “We had a meeting this morning about just speaking about our confidence and about what our mindsets are like, what our goals should be like, and how we are going to vision ourselves this entire week to set ourselves up for success on Sunday.”