USL Post-Game Reaction: Marcus Epps


NYRB II Midfielder Marcus Epps


How are you feeling, what helped you settle in


I’m feeling good, I think the guys played well and a lot of people stepped up and we organized and got things ready for the game. I’m excited how I performed today, getting adjusted to the structure and getting adjusted to the new players. I think it was good, good for me to see. A big coaching point that I was receiving from John and from the rest of the staff was to be aggressive and get forward and I think that was my mindset going into the game and it worked out.


After the assist, did you feel more comfortable in the second half


Definitely, Tom [Barlow] made a great run and I was able to play a ball in through for him and I felt good after that assist, I think it gave us confidence and myself confidence to be more aggressive and keep going and then (inaudible)…


What was going through your mind when you scored


Vince played the ball and he made a great run and then I saw the defense wasn’t stepping, so I figured I could take a shot and I saw the keeper kind of sleeping, saw the right post open, so I played a curler and it worked out so I’m very thankful.


Is it strange to be one of the senior players here


It is, because last year I was still considered an underclassman, and then coming into a new team and being a senior player like you said is definitely a different viewpoint on the game, but it was good. I don’t mind helping guys, and these guys are great, very talented, so it’s easy to come in with such a good group.