USL Post-Game Reaction: John Wolyniec | 4/20/19

New York Red Bulls II Head Coach John Wolyniec


On the match against Loudoun…

I thought we struggled defensively to be honest. Obviously, we missed some chances, but to give up three goals today was frustrating at home, especially with scoring first. That was one of the things we were talking about, we thought we’d have success if we scored first, but it almost stabbed us in the back. You know, obviously when you have a midweek game, sometimes it’s difficult to turn around. But physically, I thought we should have been alright. We had enough guys on the field that played either less minutes or no minutes on Wednesday. So, I think it’s just one of those things where we thought the result was in hand and it wasn’t by any stretch. Credit to Loudoun, they came out and after the goal was scored their response was good. We were on the back foot for a long stretch, it wasn’t just one or two actions. We gave up a lot of corner kicks, a lot of shots in the box, we were second to a lot of balls, hesitant to rebounds and deflections. It seemed like it bounced to them all the time and most of the time that means that we’re not 100% focused and ready and we’re being a little hesitant rather than progressive and proactive. So, I think in the second half we played better, and the offense came to life. We had some chances in the first half too, but we were a bit more deliberate about it in the second half and, you know, sometimes you get down and you get a little tense and the final touch and shot isn’t always easy. So, certainly frustrating but it’s a warning. You can’t let up against any teams, you can’t let up in any moments… up a goal, down a goal, up two goals, you still got to keep fighting and hopefully we learned that lesson because if we take that forward, we’ll be pretty successful.


On what was said to the team during halftime…

A lot of times you’re in there talking about tactics, how we can be a little bit better. My message at halftime was just that we missed an opportunity in the first half to get better, we took minutes off and we took plays off. We lacked focus and we were second to balls in our box, which we haven’t been over the last few games, so we just needed a chance of focus and mentality. For the most part we got there, but not quite all the way, so it left us with a little wanting at the end