The New York Red Bulls are implementing new security and ticketing measures for the 2020 season to expedite entry, and ensure all supporters‘ safety at Red Bull Arena.

Scanning your ticket will be a breeze in 2020 with Tap & Go technology. Add your ticket to your smartphone’s wallet before you arrive, so all you have to do is tap your phone and you’re in!

Your tickets may look a little different this season with the addition of SafeTix by Ticketmaster. Barcodes will automatically refresh every few seconds so it can not be stolen or copied, keeping your tickets safe and secure.

With the introduction of walk-through metal detectors, you can also expect to see shorter and faster lines entering Red Bull Arena in 2020.

Additional Red Member Benefits

Add all your matches to your smartphone’s wallet before the season starts so that you can easily enter using Tap & Go all season. Your digital Red Member card will now only be used for utilizing eCash, which lessens the need to rely on Wi-Fi and data to enter the arena.

Manage your tickets through the New York Red Bulls app.

All Red Members will receive section-specific wristbands for the 2020 season. When you wear your wristband on matchday, you can show it to the usher for quick and easy entry into your section. No need to juggle your phone to get to your seat!

Questions? Reach out to or call 1.877.727.6223