New York Red Bulls Student Pass gives college students access to New York Red Bulls home matches for as low as $10. 

Registration for Student Pass is free, and we will notify you via text message when tickets become available for purchase.

You must use your .edu email to sign up.


Purchasing the Student Pass

 What is Student Pass?

Student Pass allows students to sign up to receive access to tickets for New York Red Bulls home matches. Once you sign up for Student Pass at, you will be alerted with a text message when tickets become available for New York Red Bulls home matches. Purchases and availability happen on a match-by-match basis. The Student Pass gives you guaranteed standing room only access. Depending on seat inventory, you may receive a seat location 2 hours prior to kickoff.

 How much are tickets through Student Pass?

Tickets may be available for as low as $10 per person when purchased through Student Pass.

 How will I know if I can buy Passes to a game?

If Passes become available for that week’s game, we’ll send you a text with a link to purchase. This will typically happen 24-48 hours before game time.

 How many Passes can I buy?

The default group size is 2, and the maximum group size is 6. You can choose “change group size” for a specific game at Please note that it is more difficult to accommodate larger groups, so groups of 2 will have the best chance of receiving seats together for a given game.

 I see I'm purchasing a Pass for Standing Room Only – am I guaranteed to get a seat for the game?

You are guaranteed entry to Red Bull Arena and access to the designated standing room only areas throughout the arena, but not a specific seat. If seats are available on the day of the game, you may receive an upgraded seat location at no additional cost.

 If I buy a pair of Passes, how can my guest get his/her pass?

All passes will be delivered to the phone that purchases the Pass. If you purchase two Passes, for example, barcodes for both Passes will be delivered to your phone. You and your guest will need to arrive to Red Bull Arena together.

Digital Pass Technology

 Which phones are supported?

Student Pass is supported by iPhone and Android phones.

 Can I purchase the Student Pass if I don’t have an iPhone or Android phone?

Not at this time.

Pass Seat Locations

 Where can I expect to sit each game?

All Student Passes give fans Standing Room Only access. If seats become available, you may receive an assigned seat location at no additional cost. Seat availability and location will vary by game.

 Where can I go with Standing Room Only tickets?

The SRO Location is available at the Blue Point Dock above Section 128.

 What if I need ADA seating?

We're happy to accommodate you. Please go to Guest Services inside Gate B, and inform them you need ADA seats for your Student Pass. You will still need the Student Pass barcodes to enter Red Bull Arena, and need to accept your seats in the app.

 Is there an opportunity for me to get a different seat location?

Yes, you can change your seat location by purchasing an upgrade through the Upgrade My Experience tab on the Tickets menu in the Red Bulls App.

 What if I lose the text message with a link to my Pass?

No problem. Go to and you will see a link to your Passes. If you’re logged out when you go to that link, be sure to log in with the same email address and phone number you used to purchase your Pass.