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Training Clinics

The New York Red Bulls supplemental Seasonal Training Clinics are offered in the spring, fall, and winter seasons. The skills clinics provide an easy and fun option for players to receive extra individualized training to help complement their regular club/team-based training sessions.

From beginner to advanced programs, players can choose from a variety of clinic options that focus on specific technical areas of the game. During the spring and fall, eight-week programs are offered at outdoor locations. During the winter months, four three to four-week seasons are offered at a vast network of indoor locations.

Seasonal Training Clinics

Program Overview

The following table shares an overview of various training clinics that are offered by the New York Red Bulls Youth Programs. Each program is designed using the Red Bulls ‘Building Blocks of Development’; a key belief of this process is that individual mastery of the ball is an important component for all young players.

Skills Clinics Weekly supplemental sessions that promote development of dribbling, turning and 1v1 skills as well as passing, receiving, combination skills, shooting, and finishing techniques. Learn more.
Futbolinho Development of core technical foundation skills; program operated on a hard surface using a futsal ball.
Urban Soccer Programs Outreach initiative to use soccer as a vehicle of bringing positive change to urban communities in the Tri-State area. Learn more
Believe Program Soccer program designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to athletes of all abilities. Learn more.
RDS Advanced individual technical training. Accessible by tryout only. Learn more.

Teams can train together as part of a Skills Clinic or Futbolinho program. Team programs are based on field availability.

Each training location also serves as a stepping stone to our Elite Player Pathways, starting with the Regional Development School (RDS). RDS is accessible via tryout only, and acts as the feeder system to Red Bulls Pre-Academy teams. Players that excel during a Training Clinic will be invited to tryout for the RDS program the following season.

To view a list of all training locations and programs offered, click here.


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