New York Red Bulls Youth Soccer Festival, presented By Hackensack University Medical Center

New York Red Bulls Youth Soccer Festival, presented by Hackensack University Medical Center, is a series of fun and interactive events for kids 7-14 years old. Test your skills at the Skills Challenge, brought to you by HSS and HackensackUMC, learn freestyle tricks from the Street Team, challenge your friends to HackensackUMC's 3v3 match and even meet some of the players. The event is open to the public and free of charge. 


The events will be run by certified New York Red Bulls youth coaches who are based in each community. Red Bulls Training Programs maintains a network of high-level coaches across the tri-state area that run camps, clinics and team practices in their local communities.

The series will kick-off on April 12th in New York, with the Long Island Junior Soccer League festival at 4 p.m. The events will continue through the Spring and Summer at locations in New York and New Jersey, including Hillsborough, Howell, Berkley Heights, Tenafly, Riverbank State Park, Red Bulls Training Facility, and Roosevelt Island, with more dates to be confirmed.

The event is open to the public and free of charge. Scroll down to see a list of events and register for the one nearest you.

Skills Challenge Overview

Want to test your soccer skills? The New York Red Bulls Skills Challenges are designed to ignite a passion for self-improvement in young players. The Challenges are comprised of five simply structured activities that measure technical ability in Dribbling, Turning, Receiving, Passing and Shooting. A player’s scores in these activities provide a set of objective results that players can use to track their own personal technical development over time.

Click here to learn more about the Skills Challenge.

3v3 Scrimmages

Now that you’ve mastered the skills, it’s time to challenge your friends to a 3v3 match. These self-contained scrimmages allow kids to perfect their skills in a safe environment.

New York Red Bulls Street Team

The New York Red Bulls Street Team is one of the premier soccer freestyle teams on the East Coast. Consisting of athletes from all walks of life, the Street Team exhibits a dizzying display of soccer skills with distinct street style flair. Check out their demos and even learn a trick or two. You can also catch them as part of every New York Red Bulls home game at Red Bull Arena.