Arizona Day 5: Travel Day, U-18 College Commitments

After two straight days of games, and another on tap Saturday against the New England Revolution (10pm ET, Live Stream will be available), the team is enjoying a little down time today while traveling between Phoenix and Tucson. With that said, I figured now was a good time to take a look around the Red Bulls' system a bit for those keeping tabs on players in various academy and training programs. The following is the most recent list of the Red Bulls' U-18 college commitments:
Last NameFirst NameJersey #PositionDate of BirthCollege Commitments
Allen Brandon 10 F 10/8/1993 Georgetown
Alvarado Brandon 12 F 5/29/1993 TBA
Bartok Daniel 22 F 8/31/1993 Seton Hall
Bedoya Daniel 21 MF 2/13/1994 St. John's
Brown Max 18 GK 9/6/1994 Northeastern
Castano Santiago 1 GK 4/14/1995 HS Sophomore
Ceron Diego 2 D 10/11/1994 Holy Cross
Corboz Mael 20 MF 9/6/1994 Rutgers
Decker Ethan 9 F 10/6/1994 HS Junior
Elliot Frederick 17 MF 9/28/1994 Columbia
GonzalezOscar 6 MF 1/22/1993 TBA
Halvorsen Torben 5 F 6/14/1994 HS Junior
Lagg Eric 16 F 7/2/1994 Seton Hall
Robinson Gabe 13 F 8/3/1994 Cincinnati
Rossi Luke 0 GK 2/9/1994 Columbia
Sa Erik 7 MF 12/3/1994 HS Junior
Sanogo Ousmane 3 D 5/5/1994 TBA
Sheridan Sean 11 D / MF 9/19/1994 Villanova
Tetro Ross 4 D / MF 2/26/1994 Rutgers
Thomsen Scott 8 MF 12/31/1993 Virginia
Thorsheim Christopher 14 D / MF 6/30/1994 Bucknell

New Signings

Last NameFirst NameClass
Estama Benchy HS Sophomore
Jean Claude Stivens HS Junior
Kerlins Georges HS Sophomore
Saint Jean Evens HS Sophomore