Overheard at Red Bulls Media Day

Red Bull Arena opened its doors Thursday afternoon for Media Day. While a number of players were asked questions about the regular season and the upcoming home opener, a few interesting ones worked their way into the mix as well. Here are just a few random comments from some of the newest additions to the Red Bulls: Tyler Ruthven on emulating his father’s facial hair: “My ability to grow a beard is extremely limited. At some point this year I’ll give my best effort, but I don’t think it will be the same level.” Jeremy Vuolo on his fluency in Finnish and chatting with Teemu Tainio: “We’ll say ‘hello’ to each other in Finnish or when he curses in Finnish and doesn’t think anyone knows it, I know what it means.” Brandon Barklage, when asked to describe Billiken: “I couldn’t tell you to be honest. I was there for two years, and I still haven’t figured it out. I know it’s a like a lucky charm doll type deal.” Victor Palsson on why he wears No. 44: “44 I got here because that was my first team number at Liverpool. 91 because 44 was not available at Hibs. Then I just thought I’m born in ’91, so why not? Season after that, my manager didn’t want anyone to have a high number, so I was 19 by the time, so I changed it to 19. I came here 19 wasn’t available, 91 wasn’t available, so I went with 44.” Ryan Maduro, after finding out Stephen Keel has similar work experience in construction/flipping houses: “We have a little one-two punch there and maybe we can go into business on the side and become corporate millionaires.”