Red Bulls Youth Programs' Train @ Home: Fall Edition is here to help young athletes and soccer fanatics stay in shape and improve skills from the comfort and safety of home.

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Be safe, don’t break any furniture, and most importantly, make sure to follow the guidelines on preventing the spread of COVID-19:

 COVID-19 Information

As part of the joint effort we all have in fighting against the Coronavirus, please consider:

  1. It is imperative that all activities outlined are conducted in-line with local government and CDC Guidelines.
  2. The health and safety of each individual player takes precedent over these training plans.
  3. Many local governments have closed down public parks and gyms; therefore, the activities have been designed for at-home implementation.
  4. To minimize exposure, the exercises should be done individually. We are not recommending small group or partnered training activities.
  5. As a reminder to our previous communications, if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop symptoms – which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describe as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing – call your healthcare provider for medical advice.
  6. For more information on COVID-19 prevention, click here.




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 Game Understanding

Game Understanding

The Red Bulls bounced back this past Wednesday with a convincing score line against Inter Miami CF beating them 4-1 on their home turf.

Out of our four goals, the second goal scored by Brian White was particularly important. White’s goal not only regained the lead for us, but it was also a great example of our team’s defensive strategy resulting in offensive productivity - a goal!

This week’s task is to watch the second goal from 3:25-3:37 and see if you can answer the following questions:

  1. In which part of the field do we win the ball? Near our own goal, in the middle of the field, or near Inter Milan’s goal?
  2. What does Mathias Jorgensen (#25) do to force Inter Milan’s goalkeeper, Luis Robles, to play a sideways pass?
  3. As soon as Robles plays the sideways pass, what does Jared Stroud (#8) do?
  4. Besides Jorgensen and Stroud, how many other RBNY players are involved in scoring the goal? (Bonus points if you can name them)
  5. Based on your observations above, how would you summarize the way RBNY’s defense at the start of the clip created the goal at the end of it?


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