Coaches of New York: Andriy Moisyeyenkov

"I'm originally from Ukraine, from Donetsk, I grew up with soccer everywhere. I decided to pursue a career in banking and worked there for five years. In 2014 when the invasion happened, I moved to the capital, Kiev. I used to play for my school and bank team and visited a lot of games. I was really involved in soccer since I was a kid and when all this happened, I decided that maybe that's a sign that I could do something which I really love, and soccer always was my passion."

Coaches of New York AM

"So that's why I chose to study sports management and came to the United States in 2017."

"Through this, I realized that I'm really passionate about coaching and really wanted to be on a field helping young kids learn this game, develop their skills, and enjoy this beautiful sport to become players and fans.”

"So, then I saw this opportunity with Red Bulls, I applied and was lucky enough to join and now I'm here"

"I'm happy to be here and I really enjoy, like being part of this community and I learned a lot. I hope I bring some value to this community as well and I'm always trying to do that and be that perfect person."

-Andriy Moisyeyenkov

  • Originally from the Ukraine
  • Current works in West Side Soccer League
  • Joined Red Bulls Youth Programs in March 2023