Ticket Policy

The purchase and/or use of tickets, and attendance at any event held by Red Bull New York, Inc., is subject to the following terms and conditions:


Each ticket is a revocable license which may be withdrawn and admission refused any time upon refunding the printed purchased price. Each of Red Bull New York, Inc. and Red Bull Arena, Inc. (together, “RBNY”) and Major League Soccer, L.L.C. (“MLS”) reserve the right to: (a) eject any ticketholder without a refund from the premises for disorderly behavior or for failing to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein, or any posted regulations of RBNY or MLS; and (b) confiscate any bottles, cans, coolers or other prohibited items listed in any posted regulations of RBNY or MLS.

RBNY is mobile ticketing only. Information, policies and terms on mobile tickets are set forth at https://www.newyorkredbulls.com/mobiletickets and are a part of these terms and conditions.

Tickets may not be used for advertising, promotion (including contests, giveaways or sweepstakes) or other commercial or trade purposes without the express prior written consent of the RBNY or MLS (“Commercial Use”). The unauthorized Commercial Use of a ticket, or resale or attempted resale of ticket on RBNY property or as otherwise prohibited by law, is grounds for seizure, cancellation and/or revocation of the ticket license.

RBNY’s sale of New York Red Bulls season tickets (i.e., Red Memberships) during any MLS season is limited to no more than eight (8) per individual or entity. The foregoing restriction does not apply to Supporter Clubs, Corporate Partners, Training Partners, Broker Partners, or Youth Soccer Partners of RBNY and/or its affiliates, or individuals or entities that are not Resellers (as defined below).  Further, except for RBNY Broker Partners, individuals and/or entities who purchase tickets with the intent to resell those tickets (“Resellers”) are not eligible to purchase tickets under RBNY’s “Group Tickets” program - i.e., 15 or more tickets to any single New York Red Bulls home game.

The ticketholder agrees not to record or transmit (or aid others in doing so) any description, video, picture or reproduction of this event.

Each of MLS or RBNY reserves the right to change the date and/or starting time of this event and no such change shall entitle the ticketholder to a refund.

By entering the premises for an event: (a) each ticketholder agrees that his/her image and voice may be recorded and that such recordings may be used in any form or manner (including for commercial marketing purposes) in any kind of media (e.g., TV, internet, radio, print, DVD, CD-ROM or any other kind of media, including any new media that be developed in the future) in perpetuity on a worldwide basis without limits in time or runs, (b) THE TICKETHOLDER VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES ALL RISK AND DANGER OF PERSONAL INJURY (INCLUDING DEATH, PROPERTY DAMAGE AND ALL OTHER HAZARDS ARISING FROM OR RELATED IN ANY WAY TO THIS EVENT, WHETHER OCCURING PRIOR TO, DURING OR AFTER THE EVENT (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE RISK OF INJURY (INCLUDING DEATH) OR PROPERTY DAMAGE DUE TO THE NEGLIGENCE OR MISCONDUCT OF THE SOCCER PARTIES (AS DEFINED BELOW) OR OTHER SPECTATORS), (c) the ticketholder agrees to be bound by the Stadium Rules of Conduct which can be found at (http://www.newyorkredbulls.com/redbullarena/stadium-policies), (d) the ticketholder agrees to release and hold harmless each of MLS, RBNY, Red Bull GmbH, Soccer United Marketing, LLC, the promoters and each of their respective employees, players, musicians, officers, directors, members, partners, owners, affiliates, sponsors, contractors, and other agents and their respective affiliates, members, directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents and players (collectively, the “Soccer Parties”) from any loss, damage or injury (including death) resulting from such ticketholder’s attendance at such event, and (e) in the event of cancellation of an event, neither MLS nor RBNY shall be required to issue a refund provided that the ticketholder is given the right, within twelve months of the date of the original event, to attend a rescheduled performance of the same or to exchange this ticket for a comparable ticket to another similar event as designed by MLS or RBNY in their sole discretion.