Connor Lade is closing in on returning to the field in full.

Lade is 10-14 days away from being a "full-go" in training, according to strength and conditioning coach Tony Jouaux.

"Connor is coming along," Jouaux said. "We’re doing a lot of strength work and working on his landing mechanics to make sure that he’s going to be fully fit when he comes back."

Lade said that the injury was the lowest point in his career, and despite being so close to returning, this period is one of the more frustrating part of his journey back.

"You’re getting closer and closer and you can almost taste it," Lade said. "It’s tough. I’m going to have to be careful because I don’t want to risk any further injury by rushing back into it. I want to help my team any way I can and that starts by being smart, staying healthy and listening to my body."

Lade has been participating in all warmups and technical drills with the team, according to assistant strength and conditioning coach Ryan Cotter. 

"We’re working a lot on his explosiveness with plyometrics, a lot of his speed and a lot of his strength," Cotter said. "Getting that right leg back as strong as his left, and we do a lot of fitness as well. He’s made huge strides in the past couple of weeks and we’re pretty close to being there. He just needs more and more game reps.

"From a pure fitness standpoint, he’s awesome. He’s a phenomenal athlete and a very hard worker."

Lade knows he's nearly there.

"It’s exciting, but it’s tough, watching the sessions and not being able to jump in there," he said. "I’m really looking forward to get in there as soon as possible. All good things come with time."