Fábio: “I’ll Run for All of You on the Pitch, That I Can Assure You”


The New York Red Bulls newest striker, Fábio, is ready to meet his new club, city, teammates and fans. He’s excited to wear the team’s number 9 jersey and looks forward to getting to know his new home alongside his wife and son. 

“What mostly attracted me about New York was the opportunity that I’ll give to my wife, my son and for me too, of getting to know a new culture, a new city,” said Fábio. “I hope to enjoy this opportunity the best way possible.”

In two seasons with Oeste FC, Fábio scored 20 goals in 47 matches played. 

“I hope to give a lot of joy to the fans,” he said. “I hope to help my team the best way possible, scoring goals, giving assists, you know, because we know that the league is hard. But I’ll work hard to reach our goals to win titles and to always leave our team in the best possible position.”

Our new striker looks forward to getting to know and meet the large Brazilian community in New Jersey and New York. 

“I’m super excited to meet my Brazilian family in New York and New Jersey because it will make it easier for me to adapt, so I hope to meet you all to chat,” said Fábio.

The Sāo Paulo native is ready to wear the team’s number 9 jersey and work hard to help our club achieve its objectives. 

“Fans! Drive, will and lots of determination will never go missing from my part,” he said. “I’ll run for all of you on the pitch, that I can assure you. I want to give you lots of titles for your happiness. Lots of hugs.”