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Going to your first New York Red Bulls game? Be sure to write down, “Attend Bullevard” on your checklist as it’ll be an event to remember.

With the Bullevard opened three hours before kickoff, activities and music are open to the public for fans of all ages. While the Bullevard caters to each themed night home game, the Bullevard offers different activities, special events, and music.

Looking back to the Home Opener game on March 4th, the New York Red Bulls players walked out of their team bus, down the red carpet, through the Bullevard, allowing fans to have the chance to engage with the players before kickoff. Some fans were able to get signatures and autographs from their favorite RBNY players.

While another red-carpet event with the New York Red Bulls players at the Bullevard is to be announced, there are still other forms of entertainment at the Bullevard that are currently taking place at each game.

Fans are welcomed to play a short one-on-one with an official New York Red Bulls Freestyle Crew member and the first person to score two goals wins. Next to the Center Circle is a DJ playing music throughout the Bullevard, who is inside a Red Bulls themed car which can be an extraordinary photo opportunity for those who are interested. Fans also have the opportunity and chance to meet with an influencer or celebrity who is invited to attend the New York Red Bulls game that day.

On March 18th for the Women Empowerment Night home game, special guests who were at the Bullevard were Lulu Gomez, Ana Patricia Candiani, Arlette Borrelly, and Riczabeth Sobalvarro. They work closely with networks such as Univision, Telemundo, and Spanish radio stations.

A recent special guest that was invited to a Red Bulls game was Colombian singer Jhonny Rivera. He was invited to the April 8th home game at the Red Bull Arena, and it was very wholesome to see his fans recognize him and get to meet him. Fans at the Bullevard were able to take pictures with Jhonny Rivera, listen to his music, and were able to get an autograph by the artist.

Jhonny Rivera en Red Bull Arena 

Other activities to participate in at the Bullevard is the Upper 90, presented by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Here, you’re able to show off your goal scoring skills as well as your victory pose.

Fans are also welcomed to try One Touch and Playmaker, two activities in which you’re able to practice your soccer skills to the test. With One Touch, presented by Affinity Federal Credit Union, you need to try to hit the moving target as many times as you can in 30 seconds. Playmaker, presented by Honda focuses on controlling your turn and delivery. Here, you can test your skills as a playmaker in a 30 second midfielder challenge.

Finally, don’t forget grab two friends or family members to play a small-sided match of 3v3, presented by Hackensack Meridian Health. This one’s exciting as you’re able to play to friends or family, create your own team and play a short game being able to test your skills and teamwork as the first to score two goals wins.

Once you’ve attended all these activities at the Bullevard and had a chance to meet with a celebrity or influencer, you have successfully completed the Bullevard checklist. Now it’s time for you to enjoy your first New York Red Bulls game. Don’t forgot to take pictures, enjoy a nice meal at the concessions stands, and have a night to remember.