Kaku, Midfield Depth Key to Derby Win


The New York Red Bulls midfield continues to improve, evidenced by the 4-0 rout in the New York Derby on Saturday at Red Bull Arena.

Led by Kaku, who now leads Major League Soccer in assists, the Red Bulls jumped out to a 2-0 lead within the first five minutes of the match. Kaku scored just 65 seconds into the match for the opening goal -- and he just keeps getting better, according to Head Coach Jesse Marsch.

"I keep saying this about him, but he's only getting better," Marsch said. "He's obviously adjusting quite well, and you know, he'll continue to be very important for us."

Kaku's great game was helped along by stellar performances from his other midfielders, including Florian Valot, who scored in the fourth minute to double the lead.

“Everybody can see that Kaku, every time he’s got the ball, that he’s thinking forward, forward, forward," Valot said. "You just make a run and you know where the ball is going to land. I was making the run without looking where he was going to put the ball and the ball just came to my feet. It’s really easy to play with him. You know those balls are coming you just have to set the run.”

And the Argentine knows that he's just one player on a strong team with a lot of midfield talent.

"It’s great to be recognized that way, but like I always say, it’s thanks to the team effort because they allow me to play with freedom and I am adapting quickly, which is good for everyone," Kaku said through a translator.

Marsch credited his midfield players with controlling the match and continuing to move the ball forward, to run and to understand the tactics.

"I think we won the battle of the midfield. I think we picked up more second balls. I think we pressed them better," Marsch said.

Kaku continues to integrate with his teammates and show off everything that the club saw in him when they brought him into the organization as he continues to get better with every minute.

"He has this edge to him that he wants to prove how good he can be and how good he is, and that blend of something was something we picked up early on when we met him," Marsch said. "It's amazing to have a personality that's like that, that's incredibly soft and genuine, but razor sharp when it needs to be. I think that will continue to help him grow into a really, really good player here."

As Kaku understands more about the tactics and style, he loves the one goal the team always strives toward.

"I think that’s what makes this team so great, the mindset of continuing forward and wanting to keep on winning," Kaku said.

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