POSTGAME REACTION: Kemar Lawrence on 2-1 win over NE Revs

Kemar Lawrence has “easily been our best player,” according to Bradley Wright-Phillips. 

Lawrence, who had the game-winning assist on Saturday, missed time earlier this season after the death of his grandmother.

“He started out slow, had a couple personal things he had to fight through with his family,” Head Coach Jesse Marsch said on Saturday. “But, my gosh, he's playing the best he's ever played.”

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Lawrence said although he’s focusing more on soccer lately, he still misses his grandmother every day.

“My grandma was my rock, my best friend. She’s the person I spoke to every day. It’s weird some days when she’s not around,” Lawrence said after the game on Saturday. “I’ve said it to Jesse, I’ve had so much anger lately. I just have to come on game day and express it on the field. Game days you get away from all of that.”

Lawrence’s assist was his third of the season in 12 games. He’s also picked up a goal for New York in 1,080 minutes played in 2017.

“We've all had such a high belief in Kemar and his personality and his talent, his way of committing to all this,” Marsch said. “I'm really proud of him. I'm really happy for him.”

Lawrence said that “there’s still a space” in his life since his grandmother passed, but his teammates and coaches have helped him through it.

“Every day it gets easier,” he said.