Kyle Duncan: 'Go Into the Game with a Beast Mentality'

Head Coach Gerhard Struber made clear that every week -- every day -- his club is getting better in playing to their identity.

"The spirit in the team, the energy in the team, is right now on a very good level," Struber said.

Defender Kyle Duncan said that Struber's presence has helped him grow into new roles as a player.

"He's really pushing me as a veteran player to just be a leader on the team," Duncan said. "I'm also pushing these younger guys to stay focused on just staying true to the tactics and not changing up, not switching up." 

Duncan said Struber has been pushing him to stay on the ball and push forward more.

"On defending, he says 'Play like a beast. You're a bull, so treat yourself as a bull.' And that's how I just think about it," Duncan said.

Duncan has logged 315 total minutes, winning 68 percent of his duels and picking off 13 interceptions through four matches under his Austrian head coach, tied for sixth in MLS.

"Everyone's pumped up. Everyone's motivated," Duncan said. "Gerhard has come in and he's made that clear: we just have to just stay pumped up, be ready and just go into the game with a beast mentality."