Little by little, Lucas Monzón, the New York Red Bulls’ newest member, adapts to his new home, teammates and the Red Bull style.

“I was struck by the intensity they use, it’s quite intense,” said Monzón about the Red Bulls’ style. “In Uruguay they play with intensity too, but here they also use aggressiveness and intensity a lot. More or less it is something that we see a lot in Uruguayan soccer. Soccer is played very well too, it’s very nice here. I really like it.”

Head Coach Gerhard Struber’s first indications to the young center-back are very much in line with the style of play the team showcases. 

“He wants me to be intense, aggressive, that’s why he has trust in me and decided to bring me here. He likes intensity, aggressive play, and to always win duels. Those are the indications that he told me,” said Monzón.

The young Uruguayan who played for Danubio FC and Montevideo Wanderers before arriving in New York knows that the Red Bulls are a club with a rich MLS history.

“I was attracted by the name, how big the club is. I want to play for a big club here and I know that the Red Bulls are exactly that,” said Monzón. “I saw the infrastructure, I saw everything at the club that really caught my attention and I really liked it.”

From the first minute Monzón takes the field, he’ll make sure to provide that garra charrúa to our team. 

“First of all, garra charrúa, nobody takes that from me," said Monzón as he described his characteristics as a defender. “The speed, I have very good speed, the aggressiveness too, that's my soccer.”

Following their visit to Inter Miami CF, the Red Bulls return home where they’ll prepare to play two New York Derbies in one week.