Luis Robles

Captain Luis Robles was adamant that the record of the club over the first five games of the MLS season is not indicative of the team's talent and work.

"We're not an okay team, is what I'm saying," Robles said. "We're an excellent team. And so far, nothing about those first five games have put on full display how excellent we can be."

Through the first five games of the season, the Red Bulls have scored six goals and allowed six, with one coming on an own goal. Four of those goals for were scored in the MLS home opener against San Jose Earthquakes.

The back line and goalkeeper have yet to post a clean sheet this season, something Robles said can be improved upon.

"Defensively, I think if you ask any of the guys, we feel like we can be better," Robles said. "Things have been a bit loose, we've been a little unlucky. And yet, I know I've been in this situation before and as long as you continue to put the right input, eventually you'll get the right output."

The effort from the team is visible in training, and Robles thinks is something that will start bearing fruit on the pitch sooner rather than later.

"I feel like week in and week out, we have been giving an honest effort, we have been focusing on making improvement from our mistakes," Robles said. "So in my mind, eventually, it's not a matter of if, it's just when the output ends up being what we hope and we get humming, and we end up being the excellent team that I spoke of earlier."