Match Recap

MATCH RECAP, pres. by Provident Bank: Red Bulls Fall Short in Penalties, Ending Season


Two Carlos Coronel penalty saves were not enough for the Red Bulls, as they fell short in the penalty shootout to Cincinnati. The loss in game two ended the Red Bulls' season and saw FC Cincinnati advance to the next round of the MLS playoffs.

To be honest with you I'm not that happy, because there are some games that I didn't perform really well. I could have played better in some of the games, But it's time to prepare our minds and our bodies for the next year and come back stronger," Coronel said.

Tom Barlow opened the scoring but his goal was cancelled out in the second half by Aaron Boupendza.

" I think we had the upper hand and unfortunately just some kind of mistakes on our end cost us the game. I think we'll be better from it and we've got a great group of guys here. We believe in each other and I think it's a testament to these guys for getting this far," Sean Nealis said.

Coronel made two saves in the penalty shootout, but misses from John Tolkin, Serge Ngoma and Andrés Reyes saw Cincinnati through to the next round.

"They had a choice to make on May 8th when our situation was, the worst in the league, we were bottom of the table and the players had a choice to make. We can stay in that position, or we can fight and every single step of the way from May 8th until where we are today, even towards, you know, the end of that game and penalties. There is no quit in this group. And that's something that you have to respect," Head Coach Troy Lesesne said.