Homegrown Hero Oscar
Meet Our Homegrown Hero, Oscar Rodriguez -

This week’s Homegrown Hero is Oscar Rodriguez, Director of Just One Soccer League. This past week we caught up with him to know more about his story, and what he has experienced since the pandemic started. We thank Oscar for all his efforts and for inspiring our club with his acts. 

Tell me about your career and what inspires you every day? 

"I have worked as an Operations Manager at Comint Apparel Group, a wholesale apparel company, for the past 31 years. There, I oversee daily business operations and am responsible for enforcing company policies and procedures within the company. I also recommend improvements to increase distribution strategies when needed. I love my job because I am able to act as a liaison between different departments to improve performance and work efficiency. While that is my day job, I have also dedicated 25 years to the Just One Soccer League in Newark, NJ as director of the program. I am passionate about creating opportunities for our community youth and helping them hone tools for a better future and life. I am inspired by my team, who work so hard for our shared goals, vision and passion for making a difference."  

How much have your job duties changed since the pandemic started? 

"Thankfully, my job has returned to our new understanding of “normal”, but in the beginning it was a little touch and go. Business was slow and working out of a warehouse meant that I could not go into the office. I had to stay home and do my best with what could be done."  

What’s the biggest lesson/s you’ve learned during this time period?

"I have really learned to value the small things. Handshakes, hugs, social interaction, sharing time with your loved ones: all of those things that were once so easy, now need a lot more consideration. I have also learned how to be better prepared emotionally and mentally for situations like this so I can help family, friends, and people most in need of comfort to endure this difficult time."

Tell me your favorite RBNY memory and why you support this club?

"My favorite RBNY memory is when we received the news that one of our league players was selected to play for the New York Red Bulls Academy. This only further proved to us the potential of our community youth to go above and beyond our expectations, as well as their own."

Favorite current player and why?

"My dear friend, Kaku, is currently my favorite player. He is a humble, knowledgeable, and charismatic player who can identify with many of the players in our program." 

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