A cathartic win for the New York Red Bulls -- a 4-0 victory over Inter Miami CF.

"Right now, a good feeling in my brain and my soul," Head Coach Gerhard Struber said. "I think we work so hard today, in the end with success and with the right result."

New York saw first half goals from Patryk Klimala and Omir Fernandez, paired with a second half brace from Fábio as New York controlled the match from beginning to end.

"I think we control the whole 90 minutes, and, in the end, I can see today extreme energy from my team with a high discipline to be clear in our match plan and in the action, I can feel a big confidence and a big trust in each other to win this game away against Miami," Struber said. "I think we deserve that from the first, second, and until the last and yeah, it was always clear that we are the winner on this day."

Struber said that he was pleased with the tenacity from his squad.

"We always, we go for the second, we go for the third, and we go for the fourth goal, and this is what I expect from my boys," Struber said. "We are ready from the physical side, we have the power to press, we have the power for a different load like Miami. We are young and we are ready for that, and I think when we all believe to make the next goal. This is our style of play and not that we relax and wait for the opponent. We always have the win in our hand and today I think this looks very nice."

Captain Sean Davis said he knew how much this win meant for everyone around the team -- on the field and off.

"I think we have all suffered the last few weeks and it has been tough, you know, the players, the staff, the fans, I mean it has been a difficult stretch for sure, but we still felt like we were close, and we were in every single game," Davis said. "It was about putting in a complete performance."

Struber said the Red Bulls were "sharp like a knife" all match with discipline and power. With the team midway through a grueling stretch of matches, Davis knows what a win like this could mean.

"We know that this is a big stretch for us and we know that we need to perform and we knew that we needed to be better and so we can talk about it all we want, which we have done and I think that is definitely part of finding a solution is having honest dialogue, but it is even more important to execute, so to see the guys go out there and put in a really professional performance makes me really proud of what this entire group has done together," Davis said. "Like I said, it has been a tough stretch, but I think that the adversity has been important for us. We have grown along the way and now it is important to keep going and we cannot look back at this point and we have a big match on Wednesday."

The four goals, the most in a match this season, is exactly what the team needed, according to Patryk Klimala.

"This is what we need on the pitch, it does not matter who is playing, we just have to, when we have the chance, we have to score," Klimala said. "I think we showed this tonight."