"I’m very proud, we can speak about the process that makes me proud, we can speak about every single player in my dressing room, they live the professional football life. We make so many steps in so many directions, we could speak a long time in which areas we make the right improvements, but I think you can see the peak of the iceberg outside, but we know here inside what we did in the last few months and in the last season that we have right now a powerful team. They can play power play, they can change results, they are ready for more. On the same time, I will say this again, we are a very very young group and we cannot expect always a young group like that they can go constantly and deliver every week. We have big goals, we have a big vision this season, but we are realistic, humble, we work very hard every day, and then we hope right now and I feel right now that we can win also our home games in a similar direction to what we did away." -Head Coach Gerhard Struber

"I thought like that every week, every time, every game, I thought okay, this is the night when I’m going to score. This is the mindset when I have to go, I have to score every game, I try to score every game. Today also I get the substitution for Omir [Fernandez] I think at halftime. I had in my mindset I had to score, I have to help the team, and scored today." -Patryk Klimala

"I think we can see steps being made in maturity and closing out games from last year and the year before, which is good. It just shows steps in maturity from the group to be able to close out these games and like I said, come from behind wins and playing in tough conditions and having rain delays. We are still a young team age-wise but I think the experience is starting to creep in within the group and guys are getting to play together quite a bit more and getting a lot of minutes. Even guys like John Tolkin now it being his second season and halfway through this year as a full starter, just more and more guys that are getting that experience and playing like they’re not rookies anymore, so it’s good." -Captain Aaron Long

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