New York dropped another game from a winning position, working from a lead and eventually ending in a loss.

"I think you can see the situation right now is not easy," Head Coach Gerhard Struber said following the 2-1 loss to Columbus Crew. "It is a very disappointed feeling; it is very painful at the moment to say something. I am a little bit speechless, especially about the second half."

New York took the lead in the first half when Patryk Klimala smashed home a ball bouncing around in the box off a throw in.

"I was sure we were going to win this game and like every game in the last couple weeks, we score a goal and we just slow down," Klimala said. "I do not know what the reason is, but we have to make that progress because we lost a lot of points because of this."

New York is at the beginning of a brutal stretch of games, with three games in seven days and seven games in a month.

"We have to look forward, our next game is on Friday against Miami, and we have to bring a better performance over the whole game," Struber said.

The Red Bulls are on the outside of the playoff picture with 11 games to play.

"I think it is not a question of how we can manage that with a different shape or whatever the reason we can change, it is more how ready we are in the group to be on the same page and fight over the whole time and be disciplined," Struber said.

Klimala said the team needs to show it on the pitch.

"We are disappointed and we are pissed off," Klimala said. "We talk a lot about it, but I think we have to stop talking and start working hard on the field. We play amazing when we score a goal, we just start winning and then one moment we just stop pressing, stop doing our work and our job."