kyle duncan

The goal is to make the team more competitive across the pitch.

That’s Sporting Director Denis Hamlett’s mission heading into 2020. 

“We have a lot of roster spots available,” Hamlett said. “What I would say is we are looking to make this thing stronger across the whole entire pitch. What’s important is our ability to bring the right players in that we can play at a consistent level throughout the season.”

New York has 21 players under contract for next season.

“For us, the important part is we’re looking for specific players that can come in and fit to the way we want to play and what types of players we want to make,” Hamlett said. “We’ve made some big decisions, so now we have to go out and fill those shoes, per se. That’s something we’re going to do, because we know we need to do that.”

Hamlett said that the team has the resources to add designated players, if they decide that is the direction to go in. 

“The budget is in a good position to bring in players that make this team stronger,” he said.

Hamlett said his goal is to bring the club back to a higher standard that continually competes for championships.

“We are committed to winning,” Hamlett said. “We’re not satisfied with what happened in 2019. I can assure you that we want to make sure that we get better so we can get closer to bringing that trophy [here].”