Red Bulls May Add Defending Depth

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The Red Bulls could add defending depth.

Head Coach Jesse Marsch said the team is evaluating both internal and external candidates to add to the team’s roster.

“I think it would be a young player that we can continue to integrate here for years to come. I think [Sporting Director] Denis [Hamlett] is spearheading, with [Head Scout] Rob Elliott, the search for a potential addition,” Marsch said.

Marsch said the organization is looking internationally, as well as at current Red Bulls II players.

“If we can figure that out and get the right piece here, then I think we’ve rounded out our roster in a really good way,” he said.

New York could add a player during MLS’ primary transfer window, which is currently open and runs through May 8. If they wait beyond that date, MLS’ secondary transfer window runs from July 10 through August 9.

(Teams can still make trades that do not involve players – that is: swap draft picks, roster spots, allocation money and other assets – outside the two windows. Clubs may also transfer or loan their players to non-MLS clubs at any time, subject to the transfer window of the recipient club's national federation and subject to the consent of the player, according to

“We’ll see what’s available and we’ll see in the short term, as in before May, and then also the potential for the summer window,” Marsch said.