Sensory Room at Red Bull Arena Now Open

Sensory Room

The New York Red Bulls opened their Sensory Room at Red Bull Arena.

The permanent sensory-friendly area is for families affected by Autism and all those needing it is available at all Red Bulls matches at no additional charge.

“Autism impacts my family and countless others everyday," Marc de Grandpre, Red Bulls General Manager, said. "Families deserve to feel welcome and comfortable each time they step foot into Red Bull Arena, not just one night a year. We hope all sports teams and entertainment venues are inspired to take similar action to provide comfort for families with loved ones on the Autism spectrum."

The room occupies space previously used as executive offices, which overlook the pitch near midfield.

The New York Red Bulls teamed up with the Family Services team from Autism Awareness to design the room, which provides space for families to enjoy Red Bulls games while sitting inside, away from the bulk of the noise and energy of the arena.

"If that one family can have that experience here, and that one child has a great experience with the New York Red Bulls and Red Bull Arena, we think every effort into making this room is worth it," Vice President of Operations Shaun Oliver told News12 New Jersey.

The room features dimmed lighting and lightly-colored walls to offer a soothing effect, along with visual aids, fidget toys and other activities.

To gain access to the Sensory Room, families and fans do not need a special ticket to the games. All fans need to do is approach Fan Services at a Red Bulls Game and they will assist you to reach the Sensory Room on the 5th floor.