Tim Parker

Tim Parker, as promised, made an immediate impact for the New York Red Bulls.

Just days after being acquired in a trade, Parker was able to log one one-hour training session before being tabbed to start against Club Tijuana in the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League.

Parker started, played the full 90 minutes, helping the Red Bulls to a clean sheet in a 2-0 victory in Mexico.

"His first performance was a very good one," Head Coach Jesse Marsch said. "It’s only up from here."

Parker got a crash course in the way the New York Red Bulls play in his few hours with the club before taking the field.

"We had a big video session," Marsch said.

Luis Robles, who made a career-high 13 saves behind Parker, said that the attention to detail -- from the player and the staff -- helped the defense come together quickly. 

"Because of the amount of time that we spend on the details, clarity ends up being a huge, huge asset," Robles said. "We were able to see Jesse getting into his mad scientist role and really prepped [Parker] well. When you bring in a player of that sort of caliber, not only is he going to grasp the details, but bring it forward."

Parker said that coming to the club and starting so quickly was a tough proposition.

“It is not an easy situation to be honest, because obviously that game meant a lot," Parker said. "I think, as much as the team was excited to have me join them, of course I was going to be nervous. It is always nerve wracking walking into a room, meeting a bunch of new guys and hoping you can gel into that system right away. Knowing some of them helped a little bit, and obviously, they were all so welcoming, so I was happy about that.”

But Parker said he was thrilled to be joining an "energetic and young" Red Bulls squad.

"To be honest, everyone is thirsty, everyone is biting at heels to get onto the field and I think that is awesome," Parker said. "I think the first thing I said to Jesse after that game was that it was fun. You always have fun playing, but it is fun to be a part of a squad that is so energetic and ready to get after it for 90 minutes."

And he's already getting rave reviews from his teammates.

"He stepped in and he was great, so we’re excited to have him and we look forward to seeing what he brings to this crew," Robles said. "He has this sort of pedigree to help propel his team forward defensively."

Parker said he will bring a hard-nosed approach to defending.

“I am an old-school defender," Parker said. "It is easy being pretty on the ball, it is easy doing that kind of stuff, but not everyone wants to get stuck in tackles and block shots and do the intangibles, from what I have been told. I really enjoy that kind of aspect to it.”

That type of defense will fit nicely into the back line, according to Marsch.

"Another piece that is going to be a major rock to build the defensive foundation off of," Marsch said. "We’re excited. We’re really excited."