One point at home is sometimes a tough pill to swallow. But with a four-game unbeaten streak in the midst of the toughest stretch of the schedule and multiple double-match weeks in a row, sometimes you'll take it and move on. 

"The result, in the end, makes me a little bit unhappy, and I think today we played in a good direction," Head Coach Gerhard Struber said. "Especially in the second half, we have so much control; and it was in the first half only in set pieces they have some moments that are not so easy to handle for us."

New York let up the lead early, letting a corner kick bounce in the box before it was slipped into the back of the net by the Union. 

The Red Bulls leveled when Omir Fernandez pulled down a bouncing ball and fired it past Andre Blake before the first half whistle.

Still, though, three points would have been nice.

"We needed a win in front of our fans," Fernandez said. "I think for me, that’s what I think about the most, that’s what I want to do. I just want to score goals, help the team whenever I can. Scoring those goals when we win is much better."

Despite the one point at home, New York made up ground on Inter Miami CF, CF Montréal and Orlando City SC, who all lost on Wednesday night.

"When we look only on our performance -- not on the table, our performance -- and what is realistic, then I must say, of course, we can win this game in the end," Struber said. "One point today is okay or is enough, but I can feel this was so close, so close to win this game."

Struber said he's looking for more hunger in the final third, looking to create more chances and wants the players to take those chances to score. Right now, Fernandez is making the most of his opportunities.


"Fernandez, he is sharp like a knife at the moment and he has self-confidence and he score, but he's also against the ball very helpful," Struber said. "He works very hard. He creates overload moments for us. He's with the first sprint on a very good way. He tried to create a compact situation, and of course, he is right now a starter player. He is big asset at the moment."

Fernandez knows he's playing well -- but there's always room for improvement.

"Personally, I could have been a little bit sharper, but I think we put up a good fight. We had some good moments for us, and I think we just have to be a little bit cleaner as a team," Fernandez said.

With the team rattling off an unbeaten streak -- WDWD -- confidence is growing within the squad.

"Right now, I’m at a high with my confidence and I just want to keep progressing," Fernandez said. "Confidence, you can see it in the team and in the locker room. The team is just glowing a little bit in the locker room, a little bit more and on the pitch. I think you see guys playing with a different mentality with different swagger. That’s just the difference personally, because technically we have a lot of gifted players on this team and now they have the confidence to really go out and show it."

New York will look to keep rolling toward the playoffs with a match on Saturday, away to FC Cincinnati, eight points away from the playoff line with eight matches to play.