Thierry Henry rode the commuter train to Red Bull Arena last week before his New York debut.
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PATH commuter Henry loves "living normally"

When Red Bull Arena was being designed and constructed, the masterminds of the stadium had ease and accessibility to mass transportation as central to the location in Harrison, N.J.

After all, the arena is just a brief walk from the PATH train station that helps connect New Jersey to New York City. The idea was that fans would be able to take the train in to see the game. In fact, the team uses a fan taking the PATH train to Harrison as an advertisement, proclaiming “There are many ways to get to Red Bull Arena.”

Turns out, players can do the same thing.

It’s the stuff of urban legend that will be bantered about on quiz shows and on the backs of sports trivia cards in board games for years to come – but the fact that Thierry Henry took the train in for his Red Bulls debut last week against Tottenham still boggles the mind.

Perhaps the best player of his generation, Henry rode the rails, providing a ringing endorsement to area soccer fans that getting to Red Bull Arena is quite easy. It also shows the humble, unassuming nature of the man.

Henry plans on doing the same commute again in the not too distant future.

“I absolutely loved it,” Henry said about his train trip.

He says a “French guy” recognized him and chatted with him for a bit and a few other fans interacted with him briefly. Henry said he sat down in a seat for his trip in to Harrison and didn’t make his trip standing up, holding onto the handlebars. And for the record, he told, he isn’t that guy who brings his bike onto the train.

Henry is perhaps the most low-key sports superstar on the planet.

“It’s kind of cool to be able to live normally,” he said.

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