Travel Tips for Tonight's Match (10-20-11)

Thursday’s 8pm New York Red Bulls vs. Philadelphia Union match is officially sold out. With massive playoff implications hinging on the outcome, New York fans may want to take a few elements into consideration on their way to the arena to ensure they are able to arrive to the match on time.

Getting to the arena early
Since it is also a weeknight match and rush-hour traffic is, well, rush-hour traffic, we suggested that fans give themselves a little more time to get to the arena.

Regardless of your desired method of transportation, allot a few more minutes to your commute to make sure you get to the arena in time for the 8pm kickoff. If you are not sure what your best transportation option is, please refer to the Transportation HUB for suggestions. Remember, we are only 25 minutes away from Manhattan!

If you are driving, please make sure to park in stadium event parking lots or permitted parking spots in and around the arena. Here are some suggested parking options. Remember, if it has a sign that says “you will get towed”, most likely you will get towed.  

As usual, doors will open 90 minutes prior to the game, so feel free to time your arrival for somewhere around 6:30pm. The early arrival will help you enjoy the interactive zone outside of the arena, tryout the newest concession stands on the main plaza level and locate your seat in time for kick off.

New Concessions
Fans will be able to purchase hot dogs, pretzels, Red Bull, beer and soda at two additional concession stands located inside Gates B and D on the first floor of the main plaza level. These two concessions stands will be serving from the time gates open up until the 55th minute of the match.

In the event of rain, fans are permitted to bring umbrellas into the arena, however they may not be opened during the match. Please refrain from using your umbrella until you leave the arena following the completion of the match.

Be safe, have fun and Go New York!