It's Official: Dane Richards' Goal

NEW YORK -- After review on Friday morning, MLS has reversed the initial scoring on the lone goal in New York's 1-0 win over the Philadelphia Union on Thursday night. Originally scored as an own-goal on Philly keeper Faryd Mondragon, the league announced on Friday that New York Red Bulls striker Dane Richards, who took the original shot, would be credited with a goal.

The situation arose in the 8th-minute, when Richards headed Jan Gunnar Solli's cross off the left post. The ball bounced back and deflected off Mondragon's back and into the goal.

The play was inititally ruled an own-goal, but according to a 2006 FIFA Fact Sheet, “shots that… rebound from the goal frame and bounce off a defender or goalkeeper are not considered as own goals.”

Furthermore, a similar situation earlier this season involving a post-striking shot from Portland's Jack Jewsbury was credited as a goal rather than an own-goal. 

Richards’ goal proved to be the winner in a 1-0 New York win. The Red Bulls’ victory secured the side a berth in the MLS Cup Playoffs.

Watch: Dane's Goal