Mexico Day 2: Back to Business

Riviera Maya - Training commenced as usual Tuesday morning for the first time since the team landed Monday afternoon. The obvious difference from sessions at Montclair State University was the weather (especially this time of year), but the pace and tactical work really started to pick up for the first time this season. The session began with typical stretching and light footwork, but was quickly followed up with sprints, drills and even some scrimmage action later in the day. Jeremy Vuolo and Ryan Meara were named starters in goal during the scrimmage, and each made some tremendous saves along the way. Coach Jan Halvorsen spoke after the session about the benefits of working out in Mexico this time of year and what he expects the team to take away from the trip. "I think it's very important [to play down here]," Halvorsen said. "In New York this time of year it's cold and there can be snow, so it's very nice for a team to come together here two weeks to train and play on grass." After training, the team returned to the hotel for a bite to eat and to recoup. Not long after they filed into the gym for a strength and conditioning session to round out a full day of training. The boys are back at it again Wednesday for another two-a-day session on the pitch and in the gym. We'll keep you posted on the latest notes from camp right here on the blog, on our Twitter feed and of course on our Facebook page.


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