Mexico Day 11: Moving Forward

Riviera Maya - There's no denying the team was happy with the outcome of Tuesday's match against FC Dallas, but everyone in camp knows there's still work to do. Thursday's session on the pitch in Mexico focused on tactical work and general improvements that can be made moving forward. The day centered on defensive work in 4v4 and 6v6 drills before opening up the entire pitch for a full 11v11. Defender Jonathan Borrajo was a member of the second-half squad in the 2-0 win against Dallas and spoke first hand about the constant need for improvement. "We're making sure that defensively we're hard to break down," he said. "Making sure we keep the ball in front of us, and offensively we're just going through some movements and getting ready for our next training match on Saturday." The team has a fitness session this evening to close out the day but will return to the pitch for training once again Friday morning. We'll keep you up to speed on what's going on in camp as the Red Bulls prepare for Saturday's preseason match against Merida. Here are a few photos from today's session:


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