Q&A with Tyler Ruthven

Following the Red Bulls' preseason trip to Arizona, the team announced it had signed four new additions ahead of the season-opening kick against FC Dallas. Georgia native and 6-foot-2 defender Tyler Ruthven, one of the four added to the roster, recently spoke with NewYorkRedBulls.com to discuss his trip to Arizona, chemistry with teammates and an alleged record-setting day on the golf course (that only he was witness to). What was going through your mind as you entered training camp in Arizona? I just tried to, as soon as I got in Arizona, just tried to get into the mindset of playing games right away regardless of how I may have felt physically. I was getting the opportunity and it worked out. Would you say you were ready to jump right in when you got to Arizona? The reserves played the second night we were there. And as soon as the game starts you just forget about everything else, it’s all instincts. The whistle blows and all of a sudden you’re back doing what you know how to do and you just go for it. What about conditioning wise? I felt pretty good. I look out for myself and I spent a lot of time in the winter making sure I’d be ready for the opportunity if it came and it worked out. Have you received any feedback from the coaches so far? They’re pleased with me defensively. There’s always things to work on. I think I’m still trying to get my timing down on the ball and that decision making. I’m a couple of weeks behind the rest of the group and I just have to try and stay patient and it will come. What about jelling with the rest of the group? Getting to know them on and off the pitch? Being in an environment like that in Arizona where you guys are literally on top of each other all day long, five meals a day in a hotel and everything, it just kind of comes naturally. I’ve had a chance to play with all three of the other centerbacks so it’s good to start to learn some of their tendencies in case I’m called upon to be paired with one of them. Did you participate in the golf outing with the rest of the team? I did, I did. I actually shot the round of my life, and I’m not going to put my score on record because no one will believe me, because I played by myself. But it was the best round of my life. I told a couple of people and I caught flack for it so I was like, “You know what? I’ll keep it to myself.” But it was a good day.


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