First Touch Interview with Ryan Meara

In the latest issue of First Touch Magazine (also available online), writer Zak Van Buren catches up with Red Bulls rookie goalkeeper Ryan Meara following his first career MLS win. Among the topics covered, Meara discusses how he first decided to become a goalkeeper, what his recruitment process was like and life as a New York soccer fan. Here's what he had to say about handling the pressure of being a goalkeeper: "Of course as the last line of defense, there’s that added sense of pressure, you can’t make too many big mistakes in goal, if you do, there’s a good chance that the ball’s ending up in the back of the net. As a keeper you not only have to be able to cope with that pressure but really embrace it. You have to enjoy knowing that your play, good or bad, will have a substantial impact on the outcome of the game. The challenge of that pressure is something that I actually really enjoy." Read the rest of Meara's interview with First Touch here.


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