The Story Behind the Corey Hertzog, Connor Lade and Jeremy Vuolo Glamour Shots

Since MSG debuted “Under One Roof,” a segment that centers on the house shared by Corey Hertzog, Connor Lade and Jeremy Vuolo, fans have been clamoring with Facebook comments and Tweets for a way to get their hands on the glamour shots featured in the video. OK, not really. But they have been asking about it, so we figured we’d go to the sources themselves to see how the photo shoot came about. “We were at an event a couple of weeks ago. It was a street-to-street event where they put on basketball tournaments for underprivileged kids,” said Lade. “And we had an impromptu photo shoot, because we were very curious as to where we could get some nice, cheesy, studly portraits of ourselves. And there happened to be a photographer there who was nice enough to give us a nice 45-minute long photo shoot.”

Under One Roof

That photographer was Aaron Berger, whose work is featured on and, according to Lade, has the ability to make “even ugly guys look good.” Overall each pla…er, model, had a little hidden agenda behind each photo. Hertzog was going for the “mysterious look,” while Vuolo admitted he was aiming for a James Bond-like approach. Lade, meanwhile, targeted a professional look for a professional event, but insisted he also wanted to show he’s “here to have a good time.” Did they pull it off? Well, that’s up to you guys to decide.


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