Receive 15% Off Tickets to the Kicking and Screening Film Festival

By now you've likely already heard the awesome news that Thierry Henry's documentary, 1:1 - Thierry Henry, will highlight this year's Kicking and Screening Film Festival in New York City. Now's your chance to score a special deal for tickets to the event, scheduled to go down Wednesday, June 27, to Saturday, June 30. Visit the link here to Henry's documentary and enter the promo code NYRB12 to receive 15% off your purchase. The code applies to a single viewing of Henry's doc, or you can apply it to two other package deals to watch a total of four films over four days, including Gringos at the Gate (6/27), 1:1 Thierry Henry (6/28), Four Year Plan (6/29), Last Proletarians (6/30). For more information, and a full list of films on display, visit


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