Catching Up with Corey Hertzog

The New York Red Bulls and USL-Pro side Wilmington Hammerheads recently agreed to extend Corey Hertzog's loan for the remainder of Wilmington's season. We caught up with Corey to see how he was doing in North Carolina. How have you been doing? Doing well. I like it down here. I like the experience. I’ve been able to get some games and score some goals. What do you think about your loan and its extension? It’s a great opportunity for game experience. I can work on some stuff and play more. How was the transition to a different team mid-season? It’s been good; we play well as a group. We are playing good soccer and hopefully can continue doing that. How is your relationship on and off the pitch with your teammates- do you guys have a rapport? It’s good, we live together in the same apartment complex. It’s a good core group of guys. It’s a good group to come into. While on loan with the Hammerheads, you've played in seven matches and registered four goals and two assists. What do you have to say about your performance thus far with the Hammerheads? I feel that I started off well. I need to score more goals personally and help out the team more. We jell well as a team. These games have helped me show teams what I can do, show New York what I can do as a player. Have you been following the Red Bulls in the news? Absolutely. I followed their games against Vancouver and DC. What do you think about Barklage's two goals on Saturday? And Solli's first goal of the season against United? Barklage was awesome. I was standing up and cheering. Solli also had a great goal. Has there been any individual on the Red Bulls team that has served as a role model, or someone that you admire, during your time with the team? Definitely [Thierry] Henry. He is one of the best players in the world. He is a great person to watch play and train [with] and to try and learn everything you can. Did you bring your glamour shot that we all saw, and secretly wanted, in the "Under One Roof" segment with you to Wilmington? (Laughs) No, it’s still in the same spot at home. The notorious photograph is still hanging in the house he shares with Vuolo and Lade and will be waiting for him, like all of us, when he returns to New York.


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