Red Bulls Lock Down No. 2 Spot in Week 20 Power Rankings

It's nice to see everyone agree on something. What to eat for dinner, when to catch a movie or, in this particular case, where the Red Bulls land in Week 20 Power Rankings. No arguments at all from our usual batch of Power Rankings, as, Soccer By Ives, Sports Illustrated and ESPN place the Red Bulls second overall, behind only San Jose. After a 2-0-1, seven-point home stand at Red Bull Arena, New York leapfrogged to the top of the Eastern Conference table, an obvious consideration for a promotion in power rankings. And promote they did. Here's what Soccer by Ives had to say: "The Kenny Cooper who carried New York on his back during Thierry Henry's injury woes earlier this year returned Saturday, recording a brace as New York notched its second win of the week and moved into first place in the Eastern Conference." Sports Illustrated makes this accurate assessment: "Wins over Chicago and Philadelphia have the Red Bulls atop the Eastern Conference standings, with the club returning to the formula of more unheralded performances by Dax McCarty and Connor Lade being combined with a Thierry Henry-Kenny Cooper-led attack to get the job done." ESPN Soccernet acknowledges Kenny Cooper's tribute to Claudio Reyna's son Jack, who passed away late last week: "The only thing classier than Kenny Cooper's two goals against Philadelphia was his touching tribute to former Red Bulls midfielder Claudio Reyna, whose 13-year-old son, Jack, passed away earlier in the week after a battle with cancer." And finally, promoted the Red Bulls from fifth to second thanks to the team's strong performance at home. What's your take on this week's Power Rankings? Feel free to fire up the conversation below.


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