Tim Cahill's Discussions with Landon Donovan and Tim Howard

In the second of four parts, Tim Cahill describes how conversations with his former Everton teammates, Landon Donovan and Tim Howard, helped him make the easy decision to move to New York.

Here's what Cahill had to say about his recent move:

"I’ll be honest with you, I did, I think, talk about the MLS all the time with Tim Howard and Landon Donovan. About how amazing it would be to live in a beautiful country. Playing in these stadiums and to try and do something special, and I think when this was going ahead, out of respect to my teammates, I kept it very quiet. Because it’s something that, I respect Everton, and basically I concentrated on the training for Everton and the games that I was playing and the preseason trip.

Henry and Backe on Cahill

You know you don’t know how things are going to work, if I could get out or if Everton would let me go. And another sweet things is, I feel like I’m helping to do something special for the club. Hopefully they can bring in some good talent, some of the young kids can get their opportunity and they can flourish and I can spread my wings and go to a different country and embrace the culture.

Tim Howard’s been a massive influence for me. He’s a great ‘keeper. Landon Donovan speaks so much about the Premier League. I think Landon got the shock of his life when he came and visited us twice at Everton. You know, the intense training, the three games a week, and especially at Everton. We never rest. If the manager wants you to play, you play. You do it for the club. You put the shirt on. Landon learned that. Landon learned how to be a blue. He understood after, when he left, the physical, demanding stress it puts on your body. So I think he can appreciate a lot.

The one thing I spoke to him at the MLS All-Star Game, he welcomed me with open arms and it was weird. Really weird. Because it’s just so surreal and it’s so nice and I’m blessed to be friends with these guys. It was pretty nice looking after Landon when he was at Everton and now we’re going to be playing against each other.  He knows what I’m all about.

I don’t like to cut corners. I just like to work hard. My main focus is just driving this team as hard as we can to work hard. And to meet my teammates, [Thursday at training] was special. You know, the coaches, I just want to be part of a group. I want to click and do everything I can to help them, help myself and help everyone.

It’s a great time for me at the moment."

In Sunday's installment, part three of four, Cahill gives his first impressions of Red Bull Arena and what he wants to do immediately upon joining the team.